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    Finding the perfect pair of jeans, or deciding which kind of skirt does best for your bottom-half, can be intimidating endeavors. Here at ZAFUL, we tailor-make every style on the market, so there's something here for everyone from leggings to skirts, rompers to bodysuits, and even coordinated two piece outfits. It's time to discover your most flattering look!

    Casual is taking center-stage. Stretchy and light leggings still hold the spotlight captive in the tight pants department, giving us all hope for a curve-full look. The newest trend in bottoms, however, takes comfortability in a whole new direction. Wide leg pants are making a bold landing on the runways and in stores, making baggy, oversized bottoms the hottest new look for all hip shapes. Harem pants are another variation of ultra-lax baggy bottoms, also in-style this season.

    Jumpsuits are another classic that are making a comeback. A jumpsuit with a loose fit will make for a casual look on a skinny frame, while curve-hugging black jumpsuits will look daring and sexy on all. Rompers for women, which are simply jumpsuits with shorts instead of pants on bottom, are also in. Likewise, a black romper will pair well with accessories in accent colors. Alternatively, a loud floral romper could go a long way when paired with neutral, solid-colored shoes and a clutch. Looks for all black bodysuit styles here on ZAFUL.

    When it comes to skirts, styles that harken back to mid-century America are taking precedence. The high waisted skirt and midi skirt are both making a comeback, and are sure to flatter most figures. Floral skirts remind of us the 50s swing dance styles. And a reliable black skirt is a must for any wardrobe.

    The most surefire way to find bottoms that work for your body is to try. Stick close to tried-and-true classics, like denim shorts, but don't be afraid to reinvent your look (who knows, red bottoms might look amazing on you!). Find all styles here at ZAFUL.

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