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150, 000DWT Crude Oil Carrier of New Generation Delivered

On August 30, the naming and delivery ceremony was held for No.4 150,000dwt crude oil carrier, built by DSIC for COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co. (COSCO Shipping Energy), which is also the first vessel of the 150,000dwt series. Liu Hanbo, chairman of COSCO Shipping Energy, Zhou Junping, Secretary of Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone , Xiao Guoliang, Deputy Director of Hainan Maritime Safety Administration, Sun Yuqing, President of Dalian Maritime University, together with Yang Zhizhong, Deng Changlian, Zheng Wei and Zhang Yuhuan, leaders of DSIC, attended the ceremony. Ms. Yang Yuxin named the ship Yuan Dong Hai


Yuan Dong Hai is a new-generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly Suez MAX crude oil ship independently developed by DSIC. It belongs to the type of unlimited sailing area ship with a range of more than 26,000 nautical miles. At the same time, the design of the ship can also meet new requirements of the Panama Canal, which allows the ship pass through the widened Panama Canal.


The ship has a total length of 274.3 meters, a hull width of 48 meters, and a maximum carrying capacity of 158,000 tons. It can normally load 1079,000 barrels of crude oil through the Suez Canal at the structural draft of 17.15 meters. The energy-saving characteristics of the ship are very significant. The excellent hull line, the optimized design of the hydrodynamic energy-saving device, and the new energy-saving G type main engine and large-diameter high-efficiency propeller make the comprehensive energy-saving effect obvious. In addition, the ship meets the emission and environmental protection requirements of EU hazardous substances list, and its unique anti-piracy design can ensure the safety of ship operation. This ship will add impetus for COSCO Shipping Energy in the construction of Hainan free trade port and make a strong contribution to the further improvement of global energy transport capacity.


During the construction of this ship, in the face of adverse factors such as epidemic risk and shortage of human resources, the whole project staff raced against time to effectively organize the construction, and went all out to complete the underwater mooring commissioning. It only took 80 days from the dock to the sea trial, and 10 days to complete the navigation test.


During the sea trial, it was verified that the energy-saving effect of the ship was better than the technical indicators required by the design, which reduced the operation cost for the ship owner. The vibration and noise of the ship measured well, which was praised by the ship owner and surveyor.

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