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    Leggings are probably the best invention fashion has seen since the string bikini. It's no wonder the rise of "athleisure" has also brought innumerable spins on the spandex-y pant to the scene. As more and more of us defy the notion that "it hurts to be beautiful," leggings for women invade even more occasions… and ZAFUL's delivering them all!

    Get ahead of the fashion curve with a truckload of leggings! Wear leggings or faux leather leggings to get that uber-comfy feel while retaining the look of authentic denim and leather. The thing we love about wearing leggings as an alternative to other heavier materials is that leggings are always light and breathable. For winter weather, however, it's always good to stock-up on fleece leggings. Fleece lined leggings give that extra layer of insulation without sacrificing the stretch and ease of leggings. You can even get form-fitting leggings that accentuate pin-pointed trouble spots, such as high waisted leggings and spanx leggings.

    Leggings and their close cousin yoga pants have made quite the scene; even big brands like HUE leggings are capitalizing on the trend that seems here to stay. In the ZAFUL collection, you'll find leggings of every hue: from black leggings to white leggings, soft pink leggings and flesh-toned brown leggings. Printed leggings are also in high-demand, especially camo leggings. Fringe-inspired looks such as fishnet leggings are also in.

    In the midst of all the hype, we best not forget what leggings are traditionally used for. Workout leggings are just as cute as any, and a great way to motivate yourself to get moving is wearing an awesomely hot pair of workout bottoms.

    When it comes to women's leggings, it's true that "anything goes" now more than ever! ZAFUL's got the best leggings of every kind. Develop your style ethos; experiment with ZAFUL looks in leggings!

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