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    Need to upgrade your trousers? Elevate your whole look in a pair of stylish ZAFUL pants.

    The skinny jeans of yesteryear have run out of steam; roomy, flowy womens pants are now taking stage. Bell bottom jeans, flare pants, and even palazzo pants are all coming back to the forefront of the fashion scene. Here's how you can make all your wide leg pants fantasies become a reality, all styles below available here at ZAFUL.

    Bell bottom pants are best worn with a top that compliments their elegant flow. A long-sleeved wrap-around shirt with cup-shaped sleeves would be an ideal way to wear this trend. Other oversized pant styles to rock these upcoming seasons include cropped pants, which are particularly good for summer months. The trick with these, as well as with ankle pants, is to wear them with skimpy shoes, such as low-rise flats, sandals, or slip-ons. High-waters do tend to clash with high-rise boots, converses, or booties, so beware!

    To dress-up the higher portion of these pants, we've also got a resurgence of two styles. High waisted pants are here to stay, and pleated pants are making a comeback. Both of these can be worn for fun or for formal occasions.

    A complete wardrobe must contain at least some work pants. Get professional in a pant suit. Dress pants with a matching blazer will make for a killer impression at any client meeting. Whether they be khaki pants or black pants, well-fitted pants for work are a must. Here's how to wear them. Pair womens khaki pants with another neutral color, such as white, champagne, or light blue for a soft yet formal look. Womens dress pants of any color can be worn with a fresh button-up for a no-nonsense demeanor. And don't skimp out-- this season is your chance to grab a fabulous womens pant suit!

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